Our Products & Services

Straightline Teas

Should you require a specific tea straight from the garden, we shall supply you with the exact garden mark you need. Nonetheless, our tea experts will ensure that the tea is of the quality expected. Our tea experts will offer you expert advice on quality of teas of various gardens and advise you of the expected price movements at the Auction so that you purchase the gardens you want at the optimal prices.

Customized Blends

Blending is the act of combining teas of different gardens of differing qualities and characteristics to come up with a final tea product with unique taste and flavour. Our experienced tea experts are able to prepare blends to match your current product, develop a better yet less costly blend or develop a blend suitable for the market you are targetting. Even better, we always maintain consistency and quality in the blends we supply our clients, no matter the season or period. Our blends solutions meet the quality standards required and are cost effective.

Orthodox Tea

These are Specialty teas that are processed under controlled conditions producing teas that have diverse range of flavours and aroma. Orthodox tea has numerous health benefits including weight loss, heart health and antioxidant properties. Our experienced Tea experts have immense knowledge of these tea and are ready to select the best teas based on our client’s specifications. We offer Orthodox teas in bulk packages of paper sacks that are staked on pallets or slip sheets prior to shipping as well as customized packages when required.

Brand Packaging

We also provide brand packaging so that we supply for your product packaged in you brand name ready for the shelves. Be it tea bag or loose tea, in foil pouches or paper boxes, or even jars; we are able to provide optimal brand packaging solutions suitable for your market. Be one of the growing number of our satisfied customers.

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