What We Export

Here are some of our major exports to our overseas partners


We are an accredited and licensed trading partner based in Kenya dedicated to help all our partners with all their trading needs

Premium Kenyan Tea

Kenya is the largest tea growing country in Africa with an all year round production and one of the top world’s exporters of tea. This makes tea a top foreign exchange earner in Kenya’s economy. Over the years, Kenyan tea has been used to blend other teas from across the globe producing some of the popular blends in the world. Most of the Kenyan tea is grown in the highlands along the equator, west and east of the rift valley as well as central region around Mt. Kenya. The near-perfect tropical climate, high altitudes and rich red volcanic soils high in minerals contribute to higher antioxidant content and is responsible for Kenya’s tea vibrancy. We export both loose and packaged top quality Kenyan tea at fairly competitive prices.

Quality Kenyan Coffee

Kenya is universally recognized to have the finest Arabica coffee in the world. Kenyan coffee is well known for its intense flavor, full body with floral tastes and deep aromatic overtones. This makes it one of the most sought-after coffee in the world. It is used mainly in blending and specialty. Kenya boasts of a well-crafted production, processing and milling system when it comes to upholding quality. Kenyan coffee is handpicked carefully to select only the ripe red berries. The high altitude, rich volcanic soils and the care that is taken due to the sensitivity of the hand picking and processing of the coffee directly contribute to the undisputed high quality deeply satisfying experience and uniqueness of Kenyan Coffee. We export the best of Kenyan coffee at fairly competitive prices.

Fresh Pineapples

Pineapples are not only delicious but most importantly have great health benefits. Pineapples have high levels of Vitamin C, strong anti-inflammatory properties, rich source of vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and dietary fiber, folate, manganese, copper and pantothenic acid. They are also said to lower the risk of vision loss in older adults. Given that the pineapples we export are from the sun-drenched coastal part of Kenya grown without the use of commercial fertilizer, they are exceptionally sweet, juicy and tender. Apart from this tropical delight, we also export other tropical fruits in season including mangoes, avocados, and passion. Come to us for export of delicious tropical fruits.

Meat & Meat Products

Our meat products are processed from a modern licensed ISO 22000:2005 certified abattoir (Halal certified) with decades of experience in exporting meat and meat products to international markets including the Middle East and North Africa. We also export high-quality live animals - cattle, goat, and lamb. Rigorous procedures are observed during livestock sourcing including veterinary inspections to ensure only quality animals are procured. We are able to meet your specifications with regard to age and weight.

Other Produce

Kenya prides itself in having the best agricultural produce in the world. The perfect climate and fertile soils guarantee its agricultural products to be considered as some of the top produce in the world. Not only is the climate and fertile soils the reason for unique tasty produce but the entire production process ensures quality of the final produce. In Kenya the farming techniques used play a huge role in the final quality of the produce. With a large pool of skilled farmers who practice traditional farming techniques, methods such as crop rotation help reduce the amount of chemicals. Majority of the farmers usually handpick the best healthy produce which ensures the quality that Kenyan produce boasts of worldwide. We export a wide range of agricultural produce including but not limited to macadamia and cashew nuts, soya beans, greens such as kale and spinach.

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