What We Import

Here are some of our major imports into the East African region


We are an accredited and licensed trading partner based in Kenya dedicated to help all our partners with all their trading needs


If you want to create a surface that is stylish, elegant, modern, easy to maintain and durable enough to withstand wear and tear, porcelain tiles are the perfect answer. Tiles can be used everywhere: at the workplace; in business premises or at home; on walls or floors; in the showroom or living room; in the corridor or hallway; in the veranda or patio; in the kitchen or bathroom. We import both ceramic and porcelain tiles in assorted shapes, sizes, styles and colour at fairly competitive prices. We are able to supply you all the tiles you may need for your project.

Marble and Granite

Marble and granite stones, quarried from the earth add splendor and elegance to any construction. Marble, one of the most beautiful of natural stones is suitable for use throughout the home in such places as around the fireplace, for ornamental furnishings, walls, flooring, and bathrooms. It always produces a great aesthetic effect. Granite, more durable and functional than marble, is more suitable for kitchen tops, bathroom tops, bar tops, dining tables, walls and floorings for high traffic areas. Beautiful, distinctive and easy to maintain, granite has impressive visual appeal. We supply quality marble and granite at fairly competitive prices.

Petroleum Products

We import quality petroleum products, in particular, bitumen for the local and regional road construction industry. Apart from large scale construction by the national governments, counties under the devolved system are investing a great deal in the construction of bitumen standard roads in rural areas and urban centers. Indeed, large and small-scale road construction projects are not confined to Kenya but are spread out across the entire East African region and the outlook for bitumen continues to be positive. We supply quality bitumen at a fairly competitive price for our partners in Kenya and the greater East African region.

Medical Equipment

Health is a key concern for counties and the national governments as it is to individual families. There are ongoing efforts to improve the delivery of healthcare services in the public sector. This calls for installation of modern medical equipment and supply of adequate drugs to health facilities. Indeed, various counties have acquired modern equipment so as to offer services that previously were only available in the major hospitals at the national level. Similarly, private health institutions are ever striving to improve their services to remain competitive. We import medical equipment and pharmaceuticals for both the public and private health sectors.

Sugar & Other Products

Kenya experiences a perennial production shortfall of sugar of about 300,000 tonnes annually. At the same time, it is a known but very unfortunate fact that Kenyan sugar production is among the world’s most inefficient. According to publicly available data, it costs about USD 500 to produce a tonne of sugar in Kenya which is well above the world average production cost. We import sugar on a need basis in response to any production shortfalls declared by the industry regulator and sanctioned by the national government. We also import Cement, Industrial Chemicals, Industrial Equipment & Machinery, as well as high demand processed foods that are not produced locally.

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