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Nairobi and indeed Kenya is the business hub of the East African region. Kenya has an excellent road and rail network connecting the whole of East Africa region. With the Mombasa port termed the ‘Gateway to East Africa’ you can be sure any consignment of goods you are importing will reach your destination without undue delay. Besides, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi affords you links with any airport in the world!

Kenya has a wide range of quality agricultural produce including tea, coffee, cut flowers, tropical fruits, meat and meat products as well as assortment of dairy produce. The agricultural sector in Kenya is well advanced with produce that has met the strict standards of the European Union for decades, especially on the use of pesticides and herbicides. You can be sure what you import from Kenya meets international standards.

By the way, do you know that Mombasa Tea Auction is the second largest in the world? All the tea from the East African region is sold at the weekly Mombasa Tea Auction. So why not come to Kenya if you want to import tea?

With a reliable trading partner such as Trans-Atlantic Trading Company Limited, you can be assured of getting what you need from Kenya expeditiously and at competitive prices.

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