Your Dependable Supplier of Tea

We provide both quality and value

We export loose black tea, from Mombasa, Kenya the centre of tea trade for the East & Central African region. As a member of EATTA, we purchase tea for our clients through Mombasa Tea auction. In addition, we are able to source tea directly from factories in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Our experts have an in depth understanding of the tea product and an appreciation of the diverse needs of the various markets worldwide. Be it blended or straight-line, our experts are able to meet your needs for bulk loose tea, providing both quality and value.

EXPORT OF BULK LOOSE TEA, From our Mombasa Office dedicated for export tea, we are your dependable partner to meet your needs for bulk loose tea. Our team has decades of experience in the export of bulk loose tea and are conversant with the specific needs of the diverse markets worldwide. Being a bona fide member of East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA), we make our purchases of loose tea from Mombasa Tea Auction. At the Auction, black loose tea from Kenya and the East and Central African region including Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi is on offer. In addition, we are able to source tea directly from factories in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. We supply three (3) varieties: Primary Grades, Secondary Grades as well as Blends.

Addressing Trade Enquiries

In addressing trade enquiries from our clients, we normally adopt one of three approaches:

Clients Provide Us with Their Samples

Our clients may provide us with the sample(s) of the tea they desire to be supplied with. In this case our vastly experienced tea experts match the samples and provide three standards that are couriered expeditiously to the client to select along with the respective pricing.

Our Tea Experts Prepare Suitable Standards

Alternatively, our tea experts will prepare three (3) or more standards based on our client’s target market, competitively priced. The standards are couriered to the client for his selection and agreement. We then supply the tea standard selected by the customer.

Straightline Teas

In case of straight-line tea, we supply the exact variety as required by the client. Our prices are competitive as we add a small margin over and above the purchase cost of the tea plus the export expenses. For your needs of loose black tea, come to us

Other Teas

We also export Orthodox, Organic Tea and other Specialty Teas according to our clients’ requirements and specifications. In addition, we are also able to brand and package tea in accordance with your specification that you import a product ready for the shelves.

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